About us

Our Mission

To share our experience and knowledge of the manufacturing industry to create profitable, sustainable, efficient and environmentally responsible scrap and by-product management programs that comply with environmental and transportation laws and regulations.


MAST was forged over 30 years ago as a non-ferrous metal broker headquartered at El Paso, Tx. In 1987 MAST began construction on a secondary lead smelting plant located just 10 miles from U.S. / Mexico Border. This plant used rotary and blast furnace technology to produce 1000 + tons per month of 98% lead purity bullion.


Elizabeth Muñoz-Lebaron

Industrial Scrap Specialist

MAST founder, Elizabeth Muñoz-Lebaron, likes to say that she has molten metal running through her veins.
Born in the U.S. and raised in Mexico, Elizabeth was introduced to the family business, a scrap metal yard, at an early age. The business did well and soon the family was able to build a secondary lead smelting plant located just ten miles from the international border.
As a teenager, Elizabeth helped her father with the family business managing administrative tasks and joined him on the road when making sales calls. These experiences taught her the fundamentals of the recycling business… the markets, cultivating leads, and bi-national regulatory compliance.
Later, Elizabeth began buying and selling scrap on her own and held key positions with several recycling companies. Soon she would land a position at Shapiro Metals, one of the largest and most respected recycling companies in the U.S. This is where she would hone the knowledge and skills needed to navigate the corporate world.
After six years at Shapiro Metals, Elizabeth decided to revive MAST. Joining forces with her trusted mentors and a network of recycling professionals, she turned her attention again to the manufacturing and maquiladora industry. Her top priority, besides her family, is to help clients to embrace the revenue potential of their by-products and design recycling programs that achieve higher value.