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Core Pillars

All of our programs are built using four fundamental principles that guide our decision-making and evaluative process. They also help to ensure that we adhere to the highest quality standards and achieve measurable outcomes for our clients. These are:








Environmental Responsibility


MAST develops comprehensive strategies, policies and procedures that are easily integrated into daily operations. Our services are focused on building efficient customized recycling programs that increase revenue and employ sustainable practices. These include:

Sustainable Manufacturing Consulting

Site Evaluation and Analysis

Internal Process Evaluation

Materials Audits and Valuation

Equipment Assessment

Logistics and Planning

Regulatory Audits and Compliance

Total Program Design and Training



Gerardo E. Alvidrez

EHS Group Manager, Cardinal Health Inc.
I am pleased to recommend MAST, and particularly Elizabeth Muñoz-Lebaron, given her extensive experience in the recycling industry as buyer and expert in the management of waste materials. They provide an excellent service by efficiently carrying out projects, including:
Collection and Segregation
Personally, I have had excellent results with the services of Elizabeth. Her contribution to the successful implementation of several recycling projects was punctual, accurate and key to face challenges and drawbacks that arise in every project, which resolved satisfactorily in time and form.

Ricardo Zuniga

Quality Engineer, MJ Celco Inc.
When I had the good fortune to work with Elizabeth Muñoz-Lebaron, she was 100% professional,kind and experienced person. We worked with materials from different sources such as aluminum, metal, copper, plastics (obsolete packaging), cardboard.  
We were very pleased with Elizabeth's experience, knowledge and results.  
Elizabeth helped us with a 5S project and Slender Practices and therefore increasing our revenue in our recyclables. She was instrumental in providing her services and resources to meet our goals of these two projects and programs.  
The before and after of the warehouse was a great success.

Carlos Montoya

Former Plant Manager, Zodiac Aerospace (June 2017)
I am Carlos Montoya, former Weber Seat Plant Manager. From September 2007 to December 2014, I had the opportunity to start up this operation dedicated to manufacturing parts for plane seats here in Chihuahua, Mex. In order to comply with scrap regulations in Mexico and USA, we hired an USA Company located in El Paso, Tx. During this time Elizabeth Muñoz managed our account, disposing of aluminum sheets left over, aluminum burrs, plastic, etc. Back then, Elizabeth Lebaron provided not just service but also solutions, including logistics, transportation, permits, machinery to compact material, etc. Elizabeth’s style consists of frequent onsite visits, follow-up phone calls and continuous support to improve material cost recovery and reduce cost transportation. Therefore, I strongly recommend Elizabeth as a professional in this service.